Get A Taste of the Finer Things!

Get A Taste of the Finer Things!

Roger WilcoSeptember 18, 2019

Enjoy Free Samples From Dozens of Well-Known Brands Every Week!

Every week, you’ll have two chances to enjoy a FREE tasting session right here at Roger Wilco: 

  • Thursday 10/17 between 5-7PM - Yards Beer Class
    • Join Us with Flying Fish Brewing Co.’s director of sales, Kirk LaVecchia, to learn about various type of hops and their utilization in the brewing process. Geek out with other beer geeks….and BEER! Samples provided for educational purposes only 😉
    • #flyingfishbrewery
  • Friday 10/18 between 5-7PM - Walking Dead Whiskey Tasting! 
    • Come to Roger Wilco and don't be afraid to taste the NEW Walking Dead Whiskey!
  • Saturday 10/19 between 1-3PM - Crown Royal "Purple Bag Project"
    • Crown Royal will be here stuffing their signature purple bags with goodies for the troops! No purchase necessary!
    • No tasting available.
  • Saturday 10/19 between 1-3PM - Tasting with a Vampire
    • Don't be shy, we're inviting you in! Stop by Roger Wilco and try our Vampire Kiss! Mixed and served by a Vampire!!!

      We welcome you to visit our growler station or tasting area, and enjoy a complimentary sample. This is your chance to enjoy some of your favorite brands, get some cocktail recipe ideas, or try some new trending drinks!

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