How Many Pounds of Grapes Are In A Bottle of Wine?

Jamie ArkingDecember 07, 2016

Answer: 2.4 pounds of grapes, or 39 ounces. Think about that next time you buy grapes!

One Bottle of Wine contains:

750 ml of liquid 2.4 pounds of grapes (39 oz.) 25.6 ounces of wine (4/5 quarts)

the-wine-guys-fun-fact-5One Case of Wine Contains:

12 x 750ml bottles 30 pounds of grapes 307.2 ounces of wine

One Barrel of Wine contains:

740 Pounds of grapes and 59 gallons 24.6 cases of wine (12x750ml bottles) 295 bottles of wine

One Acre of land Averages:

2.5 tons of grapes = 5000 pounds 6.755 Barrels of wine at 59 gal ea. 398.5 Gallons of wine