The Ultimate Easter Wine

Jamie ArkingJanuary 24, 2018

                The Ultimate Easter Wine: Lacryma Christi


By Jimmy Quaile, Certified Sommelier

There are Easter wines and then there are EASTER wines! For your Easter table why not quaff the ultimate Easter wine? Lacryma Christi, literally the "Tears of Christ", is a blend of Piedirossa and Sciascinoso grapes. DNA analysis performed on the residue in ancient casks proves that it is the nearest equivalent to modern day wine which was drunk by the romans. There are two versions as to the origin of this mythic wine, one having Jesus weeping tears of joy as he ascends into heaven, the second relating to tears of sadness as the devil Lucifer is cast out of paradise. In both versions, vines grew on the base of Mount Vesuvius (Del Vesuvio) where the tears landed. Although referenced by poets and writers throughout history, the first mention of the wine was in 1587 where an Emperor promised "riches beyond your wildest dreams and an endless supply of Lacryma Christi!"

Although made in red, white and rosé, the most common, red, shows fresh plum with white pepper and crisp, lemony acidity. It is full-flavored and ripe without being overly fruity.

On this holiday, after Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, I hope you have a chance to toast loved ones and reflect on the true spirit of Easter. I've always believed that wine was a gift of God. To that point, you can look no further than this wine ~ on this holiday ~ as you drink the tears of Christ. 

Lacryma Christi by Mastroberardino is available for the rock bottom price of $18.99.