Why the Rooster on Some Chianti Bottles?

Jamie ArkingNovember 09, 2016

Why is there a black rooster on the neck of some Chianti bottles?

In the Middle Ages, when the republics of Florence and Siena were battling for territory in the Chianti region, they came up with a novel method to end the conflict. It was agreed that two knights would set out from their respective cities and establish the border wherever they met. Departure was to be at dawn and the starting signal at each end would be a rooster's crow. The Sienese chose a white rooster, the Florentines chose a black onethe-wine-guys-fun-fact, which they kept in a box in the dark with no food for 2 days.

On the race day when they took the rooster out of the box he sang much earlier than dawn and the Florentine knight left before the knight from Siena and met him only 20 km from Siena's walls. Since then the black rooster has been the symbol of Chianti.